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Fighting for Heaven in the midst of hell: The “in between”

What happens between Luke 23 and Luke 24?

What happens between Mark 15 and Mark 16?

What happens between Matthew 27 and Matthew 28?

What happens between death and resurrection?

Jesus died. That’s a fact. Jesus rose that’s a fact. But there was an “in between”. That’s also a fact.

The “in between” is an uncomfortable place, maybe that’s why many don’t talk about it.

It doesn’t have all the glory of Sunday and it doesn’t have all the weight of Friday. It’s usually just glossed over. But what if there was more to the “in between”?

What if the “in between” is where the battle is actually won?

I believe the “in between” is the fight for Heaven in the midst of Hell!

And I believe the fight is simply a choice.

It’s the choice to believe what God says about your marriage when it feels like it will never make it.

It’s the choice to believe you have the mind of Christ when thousands of thoughts seem to be nibbling away at your peace.

It’s the choice to believe that God given dream can still happen even when it feels impossible.

It’s the choice to believe things are working out in your favor even when everything is falling apart.

What happened in those three days? I don’t exactly know all the details. Great minds have asked this question for thousands of years. So I won’t pretend to know all the details. However, here’s what I do know.

He died and He rose. But when He rose, He had the keys to death and Hell!

“I died, and behold I am alive forevermore, and I have the keys of Death and Hades.”

‭‭Revelation‬ ‭1:18‬ ‭

Somewhere during the in between, there was a fight and the keys to death were obtained as a result!

What if we chose the testimony before the testimony. The testimony that happened when it still felt like Hell! The testimony of choice, when we chose Heaven in the midst of Hell!

Jesus defeated death, Jesus defeated Hell! Sons and daughters of the Most High have won! We don’t fight from the unknown, we fight from the secure victory that Jesus Christ obtained for us 2000 years ago! Let this Saturday, this in between, be the day where you choose to fight again and believe for Heaven in the midst of what feels like Hell.

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